Balázs Havasi performs as the first Hungarian musician on Sunday at the Wembley Arena, one of the most famous concert venues in the world. The sound and the unique visuals of the monumental program are entirely based on Hungarian technique. Visual Europe Production delivers the 500 cubic meters of equipment from Hungary to London with 6 trucks to fill a 300 square meter stage.

On October 27, 2019, HAVASI Symphonic will be the first Hungarian production to perform in the world-famous Wembley Arena, on the same stage that previously featured Queen, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd or Madonna.

Havasi Balázs is a virtuoso pianist with rock star-like charisma and an original composer who has forged a unique musical style, blending the depth and discipline of classical tradition with the dazzling diversity of world music.

The show is 100 percent Hungarian from design to implementation. The sound and unique visuals are all based on Hungarian technique, even at foreign concert venues. Visual Europe Production transports all the equipment of the piano show from Hungary to London. We’re extremely proud of this, as Hungarian productions rarely get the chance to do such an international show outside of Hungary.

More than 160 people needed to get everything going as planned. In addition to the 20 drivers and more than 100 artists, a 45-member technical crew will put every part of the show in place – including the 300 lamps needed for a unique visual experience. It is crucial that everyone knows exactly what their job is. The 500 cubic meters of equipment is therefore loaded into the truck in the exact order in which it is needed for construction. Each step is precisely regulated by a loading plan that all colleagues must learn in advance. There is no time for improvisation, technical refinement, new ideas on site. Even so, it is incredible, but it only takes 18 hours to build, execute and complete the whole production.

Each and every single element of the show is preprogrammed and time-coded. The technical team spends approximately 3 months learning about the new items in the repertoire, designing the visuals, and then accurately planning and programming the show’s every single second. Havasi Balázs puts a lot of effort in this segment of the production because he is a perfectionist as both a musician and a showman.