Every year, ‘A Dal’ music competition is in pursuit of the best Hungarian hit. The seven rounds talent show is one of the prime TV shows, paramount project of MTVA and Duna Media, produced by IKO Programme Production Kft. Get a look behind the scenes!

The 600 m2 Studio 1 of MTVA in Kunigunda Street hosts the production of 4 selection stages, 2 quarter-finals and one final. Considering the success and smoothness of execution, it is crucial to have a well-prepared event service partner who has decades of experience in creating various TV productions. Here comes Visual Europe Production’s proficient crew in the picture who has been working on the highest standard international television productions so far, let it be a TV show of any type: sportscasts, quizzes or talent shows.

TV Show is a peculiar genre and demands special attitude. It is an exciting challenge as profound pre-planning and anticipation is inevitable – not to mention the upcoming hitches just as the shifted circumstances due to the pandemic, for example.

This year’s challenge for Visual Europe Production’s trained event service team was to manage the entire technical implementation. We provided a full-scale service covering planning, logistics, background crew set-up and preparation of the technicians.

We applied up-to-the-minute technology both in sound and visuals.

The peculiar set gave space to even two productions, besides ‘A Dal’ it also hosted the Petőfi Musical Awards. ‘As a speciality, I would mention the roughly 160m2 LED wall which wasn’t a single unit but it was constituted from several various figure elements. We even used a step-proof LED wall, that is a LED floor on the stage’. – says Balázs Pácser, Head of Large Events at Visual Europe Production (see in  video  between 1:31-1:48)

And what was the secret behind the success of the show?

Working with a client with whom we could harmonize our thinking and release our creative energies together was an essential part of the project and its success.  Our accord created something really fascinating: this show’. – says János F. Fazakas, International Sales Director of VE Production (see in the video at 0:53-1:11).