Visual Europe Group is now on Eventex top 500 list of the world’s most bestselling communication, event organizing and event services agencies on track. The index rewards companies with positive ranking which performed the best on the 20 most prestigious event marketing competitions in the world during the last two years.

Eventex Awards is the most prominent event and experience marketing award worldwide. Our company, Visual Europe Group has triumphed in several categories in the recent two years. Our MVM Zenergia 2020 action has won the gold medal in the category of Virtual Fundraising Event, while our Power of Live Events project was prized with gold medal in Conference and B2B Events category and silver in Budget Event,  Marketing Campaign, Non-for-profit/Government and The Grand Prix – Marketing Campaigns categories. Another project of ours, 360 Design Budapest was winner in Virtual Expo category and a bronze medalist in Art Event category.

Eventex has just released that our company has scored such ranking with its cup-winning achievements that it has deserved to be listed among the top 500 event- and event services agencies. Only those companies are acknowledged by such place which have performed the best at the world’s top 20 event and experience marketing competitions in the last two years.

We are quite honored to have got on the list. Being a Hungarian company, it is a magnificent result to be among the most prominent 100 on the list. I am very grateful to my colleagues for their hard work and to our partners for their honoring trust.’ – said Szabolcs Botond, chief executive of Visual Europe Group.

Our company has more than 15 years of experience in running fixed event locations, designing and executing individual events as well as constructing, executing, maintaining and operating audiovisual technical systems. By now, we have grown up to be one of the biggest shareholder in the market of Hungary and Central Europe.

There is gigantic effort behid getting on Eventex top 500. The ranking is made up by the recognition of Event Wards and 19 other renowned awards from the event industry. Each member on the list has made and excellent job and given unforgettable experiences to their guests.’ -said Ovanes Ovanesian, co-founder of Eventex.

You can find the full list of Eventex 500 here: