Szabad György Office Building, workplace of the 300-member apparatus of The Office of the National Assembly, is completed. Its conference room and meeting rooms are designed and developed by Visual Europe Group.

The impressive building was designed by the consortium UVATERV-VADÁSZ and TÁRSAI , the interior design concept is made by ZED Architecture Studio. The contractor was Market Építő Zrt. Visual Europe Group has been commissioned to design, construct and equip a 250-seats conference room, public spaces and meeting rooms.
The Office of the National Assembly supports Parliament organisationally by carrying out operational and administrative tasks as well as preparatory work for decision-making. It provides assistance in the work of Parliament to its officers, its committees and Members of Parliament in respect of particular duties. Moreover, it also operates offices for the groups of the five parliamentary parties, which are staffed in proportion to the number of Members in a group.

Innovative meeting room solutions
When we are designing and developing meeting room technology, the important requirement of the 21st century is helping to visualize information in the most spectacular and understandable way.
Therefore in the large meeting rooms we deployed projectors, Crestron signaling and control systems. The setup of the smaller meeting rooms consists of an LG monitor and a Crestron conference tool. In the public areas we deployed LG professional digital signage.
Each meeting room also comes with a wheeled flipchart, and we even provided the client with markers and paper, therefore the office building is ready to work from day one.

Modern conference room
In the 250-person Parliamentary Conference Room, we have set up theatrical lighting with LED theater lights and a digital light control panel to provide adequate illumination for HD TV broadcasts and recordings. Sound technology includes digital wireless microphones, a digital mixing board, and also a loudspeaker system with a built-in sound processor, which can be controlled individually. AV technical tasks are served by Panasonic’s high-brightness laser projector, many LG professional monitors, and Crestron’s signaling and control systems. The system has been programmed in advance, so it is provided with presets. It can be operated with the push of a button and via touch screen as well.