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We are experts in complementing complex interactive, hybrid and online events. With the consent of our Dig.labs business, approximately 300-400 online and hybrid events have already been created. Our online and streaming solutions can be implemented for congresses, video conferences, webinars, exhibitions, workshops, even for concerts and cultural events. 

 Visual Europe Production has 15 years of experience in event technology, therefore its studio is equipped with the most advanced devices that can be implemented to a wide variety of events: modern audio and visual technologies, multifunctional LED wall, which can easily be changed and offers unique visual effects, 20 cameras that can be used simultaneously, and a crew of 20 people. Moreover, our professional studio is supplied with a spacious stage and has unlimited parking spaces. All of our customers are welcomed by our experienced team with maximum adherence to health precautions.

 We provide a complete service for conference organizers that includes: content creation, advertisements, displaying sponsorship content with a professional studio background, and providing voting and other interactive solutions for live productions. Events can be provided with a link for registration and ticket purchase, with a variety of payment solutions and extra features for customers, such as stream availability. Conferences can be linked to external venues as well.

 Online references: Office of the Year, Media Hungary, Danny Blue Show - about us
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ki je tehnologija dogodkov
ki je tehnologija dogodkov
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