Advent at the Basilica

Vegroup - Basilica

A popular attraction of the Advent period is the painting of buildings. The largest and most exciting projection technology project of the Visual Europe Group has been the 3D mapping of the Budapest Basilica for years. During mapping, real space and virtual 3D animation are mixed, so the surfaces move and rearrange.

During the projection with 2- and 3D elements, the viewers can witness a stunning spectacle thanks to the change of colors and shapes. The colorful lights that come to life on the facade of the Basilica always tell a different festive or religious story. Viewing them has been an extremely popular Advent program for years, and these days CNN Travel has recommended it to its readers’ attention among the sights of Budapest.

Planning for an event of this volume begins months before the event. The on-site survey should be familiar with all important features of the building as it should be reproduced in 3D during design. One of the milestones in 3D building projection is the production of animation, which can take up to several months. Another condition for an unparalleled experience is the selection of the right technique during construction. Building projection can be done really spectacularly with high-brightness projectors capable of about 30,000 lumens. The brightness of these devices is 10 times 20 times higher than that of a traditional projector. An important accessory during 3D mapping is also the media server, which is responsible for coordinating the production by playing the content on the projectors in synchronism.

Location: Budapest
Year: Every Advent since 2016


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