Buda Part, smart home system

Vegroup smart home - Buda part

Visual Europe Group has installed a smart home system in 600 apartments in BudaPart. The new quarter built at Kopaszi Gát in Budapest is the company’s largest project in the field of smart home and smart building developments at present.
The company has been dealing with smart systems for 15 years. Initially, it installed smart solutions mainly in office buildings, but it is also being invited to more and more residential properties. The essence of the increasingly popular solutions is that we can install security, comfort and energy saving features in homes or office buildings that take the hassle of the day-to-day operation of a given property almost completely off our shoulders.
In automated systems, for example, the cooling and heating system, the shutters, the various household appliances or the security system can be operated. The only thing the user needs to operate the system is a mobile phone or tablet, from which they can use a user interface to control every function of their home or office.

Location: Kopaszi gát, Budapest
Year: 2019


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