The charity initiative Together for Healthcare, streamed from the Visual Europe Group studio, has hosted more than a dozen programs since March 2020, reached more than 260,000 people and raised millions of forints for donations to Hungarian healthcare institutions.

I LOVE RETRO FESTIVAL, Juli Horányi, PASO, Edina Szirtes concert, Attila Náksi and the “Trollfoci” night, Heim Pál Children’s Hospital’s Children’s day – just a few examples of programs hosted by the studio.
Up to 20 cameras were available on site, depending on production. The complete technical equipment and personal assistance of the productions was provided by the Visual Europe Group as the largest Hungarian event technology performer.

The initiative was launched by our company during the coronavirus epidemic. We offered concert experiences and cultural productions in studio quality on our online platforms with the participation of the best Hungarian performers.

Recorded events are available HERE.

Location: Budapest

Year: 2020