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Excessively cooled air, a thermostat set at an unreasonably high temperature, ineffectively regulated shading systems, lights left turned on at night, or equipment left running significantly increase the energy expenses of offices and institutions.

A smart building system guarantees costeffectiveness: its daily operation can generate up to 10-20 percent energy savings. It enables a rapid return on investment, as its price is negligible compared to the investment cost of a building.

These days, larger buildings are practically dysfunctional without such systems. In the 21st century, it would be unrealistic, for example, for someone to check all the rooms of a four story office building and turn off the lights and turn down the thermostat. With the push of a single button, our system allows you to remotely control all functions with a single button.

Our system also allows you to control your conference rooms, and even divide them into sections, assigning individual functions to spaces.

What does the smart building offer?

It automates your office with smart solutions. When work is finished for the day, the system turns off the lights in the building, controls the shades, and adjusts heating and cooling to the outdoor temperature.

The smart system checks whether doors are locked, water is running anywhere and also detects smoke. Immediate notification is sent if any motion is detected in the facility, the system sends an immediate notification. With intelligent electrical sockets it is no longer a problem if a colleague forgets to unplug a device – we can turn off the power supply anywhere, any time.

Energy efficiency
With reasonable design by using smart solutions, you can save up to 10-20 percent of your daily operating costs! The automated system eliminates human errors, ensuring secure and consistent operations. The generated savings can be allocated in other aspects to support the development of a business or public institution in other areas.

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