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Smart home

A smart home system is able to control the air conditioning and heating systems, shades, various household appliances as well as the security system, taking the burden of manually operating a home off our shoulders. Its functions are adjusted in automated systems to the living habits of users, guaranteeing perfectly personalized operation.

What does the smart home offer?

The smart system almost completely resolves the daily problem of operating a home: when we go to bed, it turns off the lights everywhere, controls the shades, and adjusts heating and cooling to the outdoor temperature. It monitors user habits, analyzes repeated actions and makes decisions based on results. If, for example, we leave and arrive home at regular times, we can set the system to welcome us with the lights and some soft music turned on.

When we are away from home we can still check whether the doors are closed, there is any water running or smoke in the building. We receive immediate notification if any motion is detected. If we are on vacation, the system simulates our presence at home: it occasionally turns on the lights, closes and opens the shades. And thanks to the intelligent electrical sockets, a plugged in iron can no longer be a problem as we can easily turn it off anywhere, anything.

Energy efficiency
Excessively cooled air, a thermostat set at an unreasonably high temperature, ineffectively regulated shading systems or lights left turned on can significantly increase our energy expenses. With an integrated energy management function, you can accurately monitor the consumption of electric devices. Appropriately timed heating and cooling, and lighting can result in significant energy savings of up to 10-20 percent

Vegroup smart building - smart home


central control

central thermostat

intelligent socket

light intensity regulator

motion sensor

shade control



own software


door sensor

smart lock

multimedia controller

relays and dimmers

heating control for individual rooms

entry-phone signal

climate control

alarm integration

water sensor

smoke detector

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