This early summer’s Office of the Year Awards and Picnic was a quite exciting show from more aspects: it made the first open-air event since the pandemic. Furthermore, the exclusive award ceremony, which hosted more than 800 visitors, had the majority of its stage situated on the river Danube.

‘We have been event service partners of the Office of the Year event series for years. This year’s ceremony was special as it was our first open-air event after Covid-19 pandemic.’-says Tamás Dunai-Kovács, key account manager of Visual Europe Production.

The award ceremony held in Kopaszi-gát was also outstanding because the organizers invented a special picnic-festival styled eve. ‘We wanted to fascinate more than 800 guests in a unique way. Visual Europe Production proved to be an excellent partner in it. They provided professional excellence and technology that enabled us to create such an exceptional event that has no foregoer here in Kopaszi-gát.’- said Dániel Fodor, CEO of OfficeUP.

At the Office of the Year Award Ceremony, home-officers could eventually take the chance to work open-air while having a nice picnic, listening to inspiring talks, doing yoga or trying SUP and finally taking part in a great concert as the closing of the night.

Again, the proficient event service crew of Visual Europe Group made a truly unforgettable job. Our team was responsible for the entire technical execution. We provided a full-scale service covering design, logistics, background crew set-up and preparation of the technicians. The event required a profound preparatory planning and anticipation, as well as adaption to the always up-coming specific challenges such as the altered circumstances caused by the pandemic.

The absolute masterpiece of Office of the Year Awards & Picnic was the stage, which was built upon the Danube, utilising the location’s special abilities. Consequently, due to the river, the whole event gained an extravagant air.

Our stage of originally 10×8 metres was extended by 5-5 metres on both sides and supplemented by a 7×3,5m LED wall to enable the audience even farther to follow the event.