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Our professional studio offers our clients a spacious stage, high-quality service infrastructure, almost unlimited parking and a well-prepared crew. In the studio of Visual Europe Production—having more than 15 years of event technology experience—up to 20 cameras can be operated at the same time with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, simultaneous interpretation option and sufficient expert staff. The size and shape of our special, multifunctional, curved LED wall can be adjusted to various needs and offers unique visual solutions. Our online broadcasting solutions can be used for congresses, video conferences, webinars, exhibitions, workshops as well as concerts and cultural events. 

We offer comprehensive services to conference organisers as well, including content creation and display with a broad set of tools, display of ads and sponsored content with professional studio background, for live productions or recordings with voting and other interactive solutions. Events can also be linked to a registration and ticket purchase page with multiple payment options and extra features for ticket buyers, such as rewatch option. We promote interactivity with the help of integrated online voting and the “ask a question” option, among other things.

  • modern, spacious stage
  • broadcast with up to 20 cameras
  • special, curved LED wall
  • modern sound and visual technology
  • interactive solutions

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