Climate change requires new priorities and solutions in event organization. Sustainable event management is a hot topic nowadays. That is why we are always looking for ways to go green. Here are some hints and tips!

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs. Staging a sustainable event means that we promote the use of resources in an efficient and responsible way. Our actions reduce the negative impact of our (or our client’s) event on the environment and create a positive social and economic impact. Let’s see how we can tackle this challenge!

Paperless office

Going paperless is an easy way to make a large impact. Instead of mailing out documentations or memos, we always looking for a digital solution like event page, app or email subscription for our clients or subcontractors. Not only do these options to help us minimize our footprint, but also communicate with our partners and staff in real time. Visual Europe Group want to run a paperless office as soon as possible.

Reduce energy consumption

We are constantly striving to reduce energy consumption in our offices and promote the use of renewable energy sources. Reducing water consumption in our offices is also a high priority objective.

Location and transportation

Our aim is to find green venues for our events. Venues that have invested in green and corporate social responsibility strategies. And if we are able to host our event and lodging in the same hotel that immediately cuts the need for transportation greatly reducing our event’s carbon footprint.

Since 2017 we joined the PRG Alliance, one of the world’s largest global alliance in the audiovisual industry with our membership we can easily access to equipment of local suppliers. With this opportunity we greatly reduce the carbon footprint of bringing the technical equipment to the venue.

Event Production

Using renewable energy sources with efficient system design and the latest in technology we cut power usage and minimize our footprint. With the advancement in technology and continuous growth in our digital capabilities, there are many ways we save on power to make a more sustainable event. Options as simple as switching to LED lighting and lower power efficiency systems will help minimize our footprint.

Food and Drink

This includes everything from seed to plate. Finding a local partner in catering is always a priority. By using local ingredients we can minimize the transportation costs and our environmental impact.

Events are notorious for wasting food as well. We always make an accurate staff count and finalize the amount needed with our caterer. If we do end up with lots of leftover food we donating it to those who are in need.

Zero waste 

We look for reusable or biodegradable cups if we know our event will have a high waste rate. We also increase procurement of environmentally-friendly products and empower stakeholders to select more sustainable materials. Waste reduction & management is also very important: we try to help reduce food waste and put emphasis on recycling.