The Conveta Trade Show was organized in August this year as the first major international tourism exhibition since the appearance of the Covid pandemic. Our company participated in the event as a technical partner and exhibitor. When it comes to the planning of 2022, all the participants have a cautious but optimistic attitude. The MICE market is already recovering, while the corporate sector will remain in favor of online and hybrid solutions for the time being. In addition to sustainability, security has become one of the most important trends.

Conventa is one of the most popular B2B trade fairs in the MICE industry in the region. It was held in late August in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is an event of high standard, since the most important event venues, hotels, industry service providers, DMCs and PCOs of the Central and Eastern European region participated in it, and more than 250 professional customers visited it from all over the world.

The first major international fair since the Covid pandemic

“This year’s event was special for several reasons. The exhibition is usually held in late January, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed until August, which was a good decision. It is also crucial that the event was not canceled, so it conveyed the message that the sector is reviving and is well-prepared for 2022”, said János F. Fazekas, the International Sales Director of Visual Europe Group.

It was extremely important to Visual Europe Group to become the technical partner and exhibitor of the event, which allowed us to show to the market that despite the difficulties we are operating and developing. Each year we prepare something special for the visitors. Last year we presented a hologram installation with apple scent, and this year we created a creative LED gate that appeared in all of the exhibition areas.

Because of security reasons, the event was attended by fewer exhibitors than in the previous years, but all the participants shared a cautious but optimistic attitude about the next period. “The corporate market is playing a safe game this year, focusing on online or hybrid solutions, but by 2022 we can be more optimistic. We can experience the revival of the MICE sector, as it is moving towards smaller groups. Hungary can be considered lucky in comparison to the Western European countries, since in that area it is still not possible to hold mass events”, commented János F. Fazekas.

Safe and sustainable hybrid events

There is a significant interest in organizing hybrid events, but the extent to which these events can be realized depends on the legal and regulatory environment. In connection with events, security and sustainability are of key importance. Safety in this context implies continuous communication, preparedness and health care.

Sustainability has impacted trends for many years. This includes the use of environmentally conscious materials, sustainable transportation and choosing event destinations that meet the environmental expectations.