The Event Technology business line of Visual Europe Group merged with the AV Technology business line of Leon Group. The new company will continue its operations as Visual Europe Production Kft., owned by Visual Europe Zrt. and Leon Group. Thanks to its solid background, substantial capital and combined expertise, the event technologies company resulting from the merger will be an innovative, competitive, reliable market player even at an international level.


Sziget Festival, Women’s Handball Final4, the light paintings of the ‘56 memorial year in 2016, Havasi concerts, domestic and international conferences – the Event Technology business line of Visual Europe Group and Leon Group are significant players on the Hungarian market as they are. Millions have fun or educate themselves at the events organised by them every year. They are present in more than 13 countries, employing 100 people. Their total revenue in 2018 is over 3.5 billion Hungarian Forints (10.5 million EUR). The companies join forces from September to continue their work under the name Visual Europe Production Kft.

The enterprise resulting from the merger is to become Hungary’s biggest event technology company, as well as a modern, competitive player on the international scene thanks to its substantial capital, solid background and combined expertise.

The company created by the merger will be owned by Visual Europe Zrt. and Leon LTD Group. „This merger means a huge step forward: we are combining our expertise and valuable experience. Joining forces will make us even more professional, experienced and innovative. We wish to build a company that will reliably and predictably deliver the same high quality and unique expertise, whether it organises a spectacular show or a large-scale conference. We provide ease of mind and security for our clients” says Szabolcs Botond, Executive Director of Visual Europe Group.

The way to develop and satisfy the most modern challenges is to standardise and simplify our work processes and create a more efficient and better organised way to serve our clients. There is but one answer to market challenges: we have to become the most innovative. Of course that needs adequate capital, and continuous learning requires sufficient workforce capacity. That is what Visual Europe Production can ensure” says the director.

The company created by the merger is led by professional management – which significantly supports its domestic growth and international expansion. The harmonisation of work processes has already begun, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.